Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lace and Bobbles Number Eight...

I love this pattern...
This is the start of Number 8.

ROW 48


I gave this one to a co-worker that is getting married in June.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lace and Bobbles Crochet along at Crochetville

I joined a crochet along at Crochetville...
I couldn't resist as this is my favorite pattern of all time.
This is the 7th one I have created.
Here is my progress so far. I started this on Friday Feb 5, 2010.
ROW 28

ROW 43

Row 62

TA-DA...COMPLETE...too big for the picture

Feb 5th Knitted Chevron scarves

I bought this 100% cotton yarn called Ty-Dy last year
when my husband and I took a little trip to Fort Bragg area.
Found the yarn in this little yarn shop. A little pricey
at $12.00 a ball but had to have it. I love tye dyed stuff.
I finally found this easy pattern on the Internet that I thought
would show off how pretty this yarn is. I started knitting
these scarves on Friday's a work in progress. I
will also post them when I complete them.

Completed the one on the left.

end of January

I knitted these hats practicing the basketweave stitch.
Which is k5, p5 for five rows then p5, k5 for five rows.
I cast on 80 stitches. Knitted them until they were about
5 or 6 repeats of basketweave then started decreases at 8 then
k2tog around , repeated each round 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, then k2tog around
cut yarn and pull thru last 8 stitches. It was fun making them.
The ice cream looking hat is a slouch the pattern
on the Internet. It was fun too. OH...the yellow object in the picture is my husbands new toy, a little remote control helicopter