Sunday, November 16, 2008

Magic ball afghan #3

I told my husband since he is the one creating all
of these beautiful magic balls that the next afghan
he would have to model on my blog...
The afghans on his chair are ones that he has horded
as MINE!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Magic ball 2 and my friends MB

Here is my 2nd magic ball afghan.
I choose light blue as the primary
color and it turned out great.

The dark blue one below is my friend Candy's
Magic Ball Afghan. She is who got me started on
these afghans. This is her 3rd one.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Magic Ball Afghan

This all started after I bought my 'Royal' Yarn Ball winder.
At the time I was cleaning up my yarn room and had tons of scrap yarn.
My friend Candy had just finished a magic ball afghan (it was beautiful!) and she suggested that I use my new yarn ball winder to wind scraps into yarn balls and create a magic ball afghan as well. After seeing hers I had to create my own pictured here on the Left.

My husband, who is retired, made one magic ball and then couldn't stop. He made all of the magic balls pictured below for my afghan and more.
To create a Magic ball afghan use a size 'N' crochet hook then choose a main color and combine it with a Magic ball.
Then using Double and Single crochet stitches crochet to hearts content.
I first chose white as the main color and frogged it because
it seems to wash out the primary colors of the scraps.
I then choose black as the main color which seems to bring
out all the colors.
Make a chain of however wide you want your afghan.
Mine is 104 stitches. I double crocheted the first row,
then single crocheted the second row. Then continued to alternate Double and single crochet stitches until I finished the afghan.
You can do double crochet stitches if you prefer. This was a lot of fun to create and I am looking forward to making more of them.

These are the pictures of all the magic balls below.