Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rectangle Granny

This is always a fun afghan to crochet. I was crocheting
this when my husband filmed me crocheting.
It will fit on a twin size bed.
Here is a link to a tutorial on rectangle grannies:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me crocheting

Here's a short video of me crocheting... People say I crochet so fast and somebody wanted me to film myself crocheting...My husband got the digital camera out and tried filming me. Not sure how to make the film yet but we tried. Since I haven't really seen anyone crochet in person I don't know if this is fast or not? Here it is:

I did 3 dc ch 1 Four times.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Southwestern in Browns and one in Blues

I really like this pattern.
Found it on line years ago.
This is the 5th afghan I've made with this pattern.

Here is another one in Blue that I made for a friend of mine.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Blue Triangles

While making the purses from the Drops design, I got the idea to create this afghan....
I made 4 triangles then crocheted them together...
I really like the way this turned out.
The pattern is very easy. I used a Susan Bates K hook.
You start with a chain 2 then in the second chain from hook sc, ch1, sc, ch2, sc, ch1, sc all in the same stitch. Ch 1 turn
row 1 sc in same sc, ch 1, sc in ch 1 sp, sk 1 sc, sc in ch 1 sp, in ch 2 sp (sc, ch 2, sc) ch 1, sk1 sc, sc in ch 1 sp, sk 1 sc, sc in ch1 sp, sc in last sc. Ch1 and turn
repeat row 1 always sc in 1st and last sc and in each ch 1 space across to middle (sc ch 2 sc in ch2 sp in middle) until the triangle is 59 rows long. fasten off and make 3 more.
To put them together...with right side facing on 1st 2 triangles sc in 1st stitch then sc on sc of opposite side triangle slip stitch in next ch 1 sp, slip stitch on opposite slip stitch to center..faster off..repeat until all triangle are crocheted together.