Thursday, April 27, 2006


This is another I made, called "Big Basketweave". This afghan was done in Mint Green, Pound of Love Baby Yarn, it used up quite a bit of yarn but it was well worth the time, the yarn and the effort.


Here's another one of my favorites, this one worked up real fast as well. I used shades of greens and white.


This is my Star of Peace Afghan, this afghan seem to be creating waves all through the crochet vicinity, I enjoyed making this afghan it was fun and works up real fast.

Another Basketweave Afghan

This is called "RAINBOW BOUCLE AFGHAN". I USED THE BOUCLE YARN FOR THIS AFGHAN. I did not like working with this yarn at all. To start this afghan I had to use another type of yarn so that I could see the beginning chain to use this yarn. I do not like crocheting and not being able to see the stitches. After the foundation chain using another type of yarn this afghan works up very fast using this yarn because you are going around and behind stitches not into them using the front double crochet post and back double crochet post stitches.