Sunday, April 26, 2009


I finished this Shawl on Friday evening.
You can't really see the pattern to well
because of the yarn color..I love the colors...
I had to rip out the last repeats because it came to the middle of my knees and being 6 feet tall that was pretty darn
it ends at upper thigh...

April has been a busy month

I have a friend that is unemployed and needs money.
She is planning on going to the Gay Pride Parade in
San Francisco in June so I made her these scarves to
sell there.

I made this Pink one for another friend who loves
pink...I created the pattern myself and was surprised how much fun it is to make.

Mary Maxim

I ordered this kit from Mary Maxim and frogged
it after I got half way through it...the pattern
says it's 62x40 and I didn't see that before starting.
My gauge was correct but I didn't like that it was
going to be 6 feet long and so skinny...Not enough yarn
in the kit to make it wider so I'll use the yarn for
something else...nice pattern though. The pattern is
a repeat of sc, ch2, sc, skip2 sc sc skip2, sc, ch2, sc.
Gets very boring...but looks nice.

More Alligators

More Gators.......

Baby Bear Afghan

I finished this baby bear afghan the
first week of April for a friend.
I've made quite a few of these and they
are fun and easy to do.