Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Knitted caplet

Here's my attempt at free range knitting..

More Magic gans....

first I made this afghan while camping....

When I got home I didn't like it so I frogged it by undoing
it and adding another solid color with it.

I had more than enough yarn so I ended up with these two afghans.

Camping vacation March 2009

Can you see the windmills on the tops of the hills?

We went to Lake Pardee for a five day 5th wheel
adventure...tried to catch fish but no luck..it
was very cold in the morning around 37 degrees..
that is cold for California folks..brrrrr Went
for a nice boat ride, fished, looked at wild life,
and sat around camp with a nice fire and enjoyed life.

My Poinsettia

Here's our Poinsettia all 6 feet of it blooming
like an idiot at the end of March...It almost froze
to death in the winter after a freeze and my husband
starting watering it and almost killed it...We looked
it up on the internet on how to care for it and they
said very little water...it took off again after that.
Its over 20 years old.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Last night creation

Last night I got the pattern and the
idea from a gal on Raverly to make a
scarf out of a magic ball...so I created this

Just started a new one...

Here's the link to the pattern:

What I've been doing

My friend Ava asked me why I hadn't posted anything
since the 23rd of February...
I've been trying different things......

I finished the knitted 'Dragon Scarf'

Crocheted some curly scarves....
These are sooo easy...*chain 35 and single crochet up the chain
repeat from * until you have it as long as you want it...

and started a knitted worm...