Monday, September 30, 2013

August, September YIKES tomorrow is October

wow I can hardly believe how time is flying... I've been creating so many little things I don't know where to begin. I made two knitted blankets, you can do a search on them on Raverly. My first ever knitted blankets. Called 'Garter Squish by Stephen West. These blankets are made with Large knitting needles an oh are they squishy and nice. This pattern puts a neat I-cord edge on both sides of blanket. I Can hardly wait for winter. They will be toasty warm to cuddle in. My husband and I also went to Idaho...we will never go the way we went again..HWY 95...nothing nothing and more nothing... I've been making an selling my crocheted Wheel bag creations like hot cakes... Then another creation my little coin purses.. Also got an order for another one of my baby bear blankets and completed this... Happy crochet and knitting...


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