Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lace and Bobbles Crochet along at Crochetville

I joined a crochet along at Crochetville...
I couldn't resist as this is my favorite pattern of all time.
This is the 7th one I have created.
Here is my progress so far. I started this on Friday Feb 5, 2010.
ROW 28

ROW 43

Row 62

TA-DA...COMPLETE...too big for the picture


At 9:25 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Very pretty.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Colleen said...

how neat! I may have to check out Crochetville :)

At 2:00 PM, Blogger Ky Lady said...

Gorgeous! This hasn't been letting me leave a comment, so I am trying again.:)

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Ky Lady said...

Lisa made one of the L & B afghans for me, a multi-color. I love it. Then she made a purple and green one for herself. I started one and can't find the pattern now. lol

You sure do beautiful work, Linda. I wish I could learn to knit as easy as you made it seem.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger crochetingfool said...

thanks.I love this pattern

...I put this word verification in the comments so I would stop getting junk emails...
all you do is key in the word that comes up after you type a comment.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger crochetingfool said...

Ky Lady ~~~

Try watching UTUBE knitting videos...that is how I learned all kinds of new stitches.

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and have been going back through your posts. I love this afghan pattern!!!! Would you please tell me where I can find the pattern for it?

Thank you!


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