Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Weekend to All

I wish all of the Fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day!
It's been a very busy weekend.
I completed another granny afghan for my friends birthday..
surprise surprise...hehe I started with squares then went
around the entire afghan with the same colors in my squares to
complete it. It reminds me of a Spring time garden.

Also completed yet another Tire cover which I haven't put on
my Jeep yet but will later today and follow up with a
picture of it on my Jeep...but for now here it is laying all
limp on the afghan I completed yesterday...I like this one better
than my 1st 4th of July tire cover.

Finally on the Jeep

Right now I'm working on these squares I completed yesterday.
I'm going to put beige around them followed by black to
complete this afghan. Hope to get it almost completed today while
watching Rory hopefully win the US Open Golf tournament.

Yeah!! Rory won the US Open...What a good golfer he is.
I was able to put all the beige on the squares. Now off
to finish the blanket.


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Candy said...

Love your afghans and tire cover! You have been busy. I'm sure your friend will love that afghan. Love your large squares too and can't wait to see that one finished. I can picture it in the edging colors and it will be beautiful!

P.S. Found my variegated yarns and started my throw today...I'll get your opinon on it later...hehehe

At 4:47 PM, Blogger crochetingfool said...

Thanks Candy!
Can't wait to see the variegated
yarns you put together.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Amy said...

The afghan looks just like a quilt. I love it.

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Candy said...

I like the beige around the squares. It will look great with black around them and then joined.


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