Friday, June 20, 2008

Fan and Feather scarf

My very first knitted scarf. I watched people on Utube
and taught myself how to knit. It's the Fan and Feather
pattern. It was really fun to do.

cast on 22

knit the first 2 rows

Row 1: knit

Row 2: knit 2, purl 18, knit 2

Row 3: knit 2, (k2tog) 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, (k2tog) 3 times, knit 2

Row 4: knit

repeat row 1 thru 4 until scarf is as long as you like it. Mine is about 6 feet. Cast off on Row 4.


At 3:46 AM, Blogger Suddendrema said...

Very pretty. Aren't you proud of yourself????
Now if I could only learn to knit my first pair of socks. Big sigh....

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Candy said...

Very pretty! Great job for your first knitting project!

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks like a pro work. Great job! I will try it myself, but may not be as easy for me. :)


At 4:17 AM, Blogger Neicee said...

I have to know do you knit as fast as you crochet. Do you like it just as well? It is beautiful. I love the drape of knitting but I also crochet the most.


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